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The Curious Case of Twins – Kodinhi (Kerala)

The world is full of amazements and you can come across different type of wonderful things anytime. If you go to Kodinhi village of Kerala you will find a small village with just a population of 2000. But the most unusual thing that one notices in this village is the presence of several similar looking kids and adults in this village.

India’s Unique ‘Twin Town’ – Kodinhi (Kerala)

Kodinhi is the village of twins and this is what makes this place unique. The village otherwise is like any other normal village in Kerala. It is quite and simple backwater on the western ghats of India. But the presence of so many twins in this village is a mystery that no one can solve. Many a time people do not believe their eyes and think that they are seeing double images of the same person. It is not only the visitors who face the problem of recognizing kids and the adults.

Kodinhi Twin Village
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The residents of the village, the teachers as well as the parents too find it very hard to differentiate between the twins. The teachers here laugh about this peculiarity of the village and tell how difficult it is to determine whether one student has attended the class or his twin.

The village is peculiar because this village that has 2000 residents has around 220 pairs of twins. In the year 2008 there were more than 15 twins born in this village according to the official reports. The twins are of both the kinds- fraternal and identical twins. This quite surprising that in such a small village the average rate of birth of twins is more than double the global average of birth of twins. In the global perspective twining happens in 6 births out of 1000 births but in this village the average is of 42 twins out of 1,000 births. This is all the more shocking because India is among the world’s population that has the lowest twining rates. The rate of twins being born in this village is more than six times the global average.

Kodinhi Twin Town
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Many people including Dr. Krishan Sribiju who practices locally have tried to determine the causative factor for this amazing phenomenon taking place in this village but no one has been able to determine the cause. This phenomenon that started around 70 years back has been a thing of curiosity for many researchers. Even if the person from the village marries someone from outside the village has higher chance of having twins than any normal couple.

There have many causative factors that have been tried to hold responsible for the twining but nothing substantial and satisfactory has been said if it comes to deriving conclusions. The factors like chemicals or genetic aberrations have been ruled out because all the children born in this village are healthy.

Kodinhi - Mysterious Twin Village of Kerala
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Dr. Sribiju suspects the reason to be the diet of the villagers but that too is similar in Nature to the other villages so he is getting equipments to conduct extensive biochemical analysis on the genetics of the villagers to find out the reason behind this peculiar phenomenon.

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