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Himanshu Garg – India’s Engineering Genius from Agra

Technology and knowledge lead to creative ideas and exposure. In this century people believe in delivering excellence in their work. And create their own future and opportunities. And all these mentioned qualities can be delivered by a person, who is a genius in their own way. And here that genius is Himanshu Garg. Himanshu Garg a boy who changed all perspective about technology and knowledge.

Himanshu Garg – Engineering Genius of India

Himanshu Gard is basically from Agra, Delhi. And his talents lead him to a path where people admire his work. Moreover, government recognized his work and talent by facilitating him prestigious awards. Himanshu Garg is called as one of the India’s Engineering Genius from Agra.


Himanshu Garg is a genius engineering kid, who changed scenario of device handling and management. With the help of creative engineering ideas and internet knowledge a youngster from Agra developed different amazing devices.

1) Anti-collision train system

Anti-collision system for trains is developed for the sake of train and their passengers safety. Himanshu Garg created and developed this Anti-collision train system just provide overall protection to train systems, and avoid all sorts mistakes caused by human errors. This train system avoids unexpected train collision at a same time. And such type of train collision can be avoided with the help of GPS attached to the overall train systems.

2) A fire Alarm

Himanshu Garg also developed a common fire alarm which a sense chances of fire damage. These fire alarms created by Himashu Garg helped people avoid unexpected fire accidents. The overall work of these fire alarms can be managed with the help of the installation of small fire device. These fire alarm systems are now installed in all school, college, apartments, hotels and also in many prestigious places. This fire alarm detects smoke and sprinkles water all over the place. And meanwhile it it sounds an alarming sound all over the place to avoid damage.

3) Anti-theft System

Himanshu Garg believes in designing such device which can safeguard human lives from any type of danger. And with such intension Himanshu Garg developed an anti-theft alarm system which can be helpful for all people. These anti-theft systems can be installed in all places, which needs prestigious security protection for their valued possession. Moreover, these anti-theft systems prevents theft, but also creates alarming sounds in the place of theft.

4) Universal Remote Control System

This universal remote control system controls any sort of device without its provided remote controller. Himanshu Garg created a device which helps handling and controlling any device. This device acts as its remote control. And it even provide better living opportunities with less devices. This universal remote control system avoids maintaining different sets of remote control for different devices.

Himanshu Garg is a talented youngster, who spent most of his time using the internet and books. Moreover, his interest over the internet and knowledge about books showed him a path of success, with the intension of building a better and safer life for people. Additionally, all these achievements and creative activities of Himanshu Garg made him India’s genius engineer from Agra.

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