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Vava Suresh – A Wildlife Conservationist Who Has Saved More Than 100 King Cobras

Vava Suresh is a humble wildlife conservationist, who believes in saving the wildlife animals. Vava Suresh, specially focused on saving all types of snakes. And even tried educating people about the behaviors and handling of any type of snakes. The main purpose of his activities and workshops is that how to know the actual behavior of snakes. And that is because people fear snakes and without any knowledge about them, they just attack and kill them.

Vava Suresh – The ‘Snake Man’ of Kerala

Suresh has been called Vava Suresh popularly by the people. And this has given to him from his native people which is in Malayalam. Vava Suresh is basically from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. He is one of the Indian wildlife conservationist, who emerged as an expert snake handler. His fascination over snakes and their behavior made him study more about snakes. Until now he saved more than 30,000 snakes. And returned them safely to the wildlife.

Vava Suresh - Kerala's 'Snake Man' who has saved more than 100 Cobras!
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Most of the time people attack snakes near them, without knowing their behavior. Moreover, they just assume that snakes only bite with their venom and kill. But Vava Suresh made an effort to change that mindset of people around Kerala.

Conducted open and Safe Demonstrations

All types of snakes need to be handled in a particular manner. Apparently, people lack understanding that and they get attacked by snakes. Therefore, to avoid all such things, Vava Suresh took an initiative to educate people about snakes. And even made them understand before panicking, they incorporate some of the ideas to avoid snake attacks without harming those snakes. And for that sake he conducted open snake handling demonstrations.

Faced injuries more than 300 times

Being a snake expert, even Vava Suresh had been attacked by most venomous and dangerous snakes. Moreover, he had suffered some serious injuries because of these snake bites. He had been kept on a ventilator and ICU for several days to overcome snake injuries. But after all this life threatening snake attacks, Vava Suresh kept educating people not to kill those snakes, just because they are dangerous. He always encouraged people to safely capture the snake instead of killing them.

Rescued more than 100 Cobras and 30,000 regular Snakes

All his life Vava Suresh captured more than 30,000 snakes. Snakes have become very important for him. And providing proper awareness about them has become his life goal. He has captured many snakes and returned them to the wildlife safely without any harm to snakes nor people. He even refused a government job offered at the Kottur nearby forest. And claimed that if he would accept such job, then he will have discontinue his life objective to save snakes and lives as well.

Vava Suresh has Rescued more than 100 Cobras and 30,000 regular Snakes
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Vava Suresh took care of snakes and even nurtured them like any other pets. His efforts to make people realize that snakes are not that dangerous, created a huge difference in the Kerala area. People contact him in his nearby place, whenever they see a snake. And Vava Suresh arrives there immediately and capture that Snake and release them in some place safe.

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