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Jeet Trivedi – India’s Blindfolded Wonder Boy from Bhavnagar, Gujarat

In this universe the God or the almighty has created a creature which can do from anything to everything and that creature is known as – HUMAN BEING. Truly our creator has ensured that we do all sort of things and sometimes we ourselves do not know what all we- HUMANS can deliver. We can do all these with the help of a “Super Computer” in our body known as – Brain. We are gifted with this organ which if utilized, to its full capacity in the correct and arranged sequence can deliver unbelievable things and can elevate the mankind. The evolution of mankind from a mere animal hunter to today’s human is the result of this only.

Jeet Trivedi – The Blindfolded Wonder Boy of India

You just need to control or channelize your brain in a constructive way and the outcome can be mind blowing. This is what has been done by a 17 years old boy from Gujarat – Master Jeet Trivedi.

Who is Jeet Trivedi ?

Born on 9th May 1999 at Bhavnagar, Jeet Vipulbhai Trivedi can perform things, and acts “Blindfolded” which we cannot even think of doing with our eyes open. You may call it “Magic” or some “Trick” but the fact is it is called – “Midbrain Activation”. This is training your brain in such a way where you can sense visual properties without seeing them. The training makes the brain so active that it can perform things or acts which you may not be able to do with your senses on.

Jeet Trivedi Wonder Boy
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Jeet’s trainer – Mr. Bharat Patel, a certified “Neurofeedback Trainer” involved in mind training and counseling explained that with training Jeet can control his senses so very well that in the absence of any one sense he can utilize the other do perform anything. This ability is also called “Super-Sensory Development”, where you can utilize each sensory organ or each sense in such a powerful way that and to the fullest that they individually can help the body to act and perform.

What all can Jeet do blindfolded ?

Jeet has mastered this technique and now he can use his “Sixth Sense” and can use that or you may understand it this way that Jeet with the help of any of his senses can calculate his intuition, and act to deliver what he is asked to do.

Jeet Trivedi Driving Scooty Blindfolded
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Today he can perform from simply catching balls, to inserting thread in a needle, to playing chess, to finding articles in a room, or riding scooty all “Blindfolded”. Recently, on 18th Sept’2016 he drove a gearless Scooter on the world’s Highest Motorable Road at an altitude of 18380 feet from the sea level. The distance from Leh to Khardungla is 40 kms and is supposed to be a tough terrain for even people who can see, but this wonder boy did all this with eyes “Blindfolded”.

Jeet Trivedi on Highest Motorable Road
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Amazing, astonishing, or you may say “Thunderstruck” this boy can even play Chess with three opponents at the same time and mind it – Win all the games!

This is what is called “Brain Power”, and Jeet Trivedi is the living example of it. Jeet is an inspiration for all our youth and coming generation and learn to utilize their brains in productive and positive things and Control the Brain.

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