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Online Passport Renewal

Online Passport Renewal

If you already have a passport and your passport is expired or expiring soon, you will have to apply for a passport reissue/ renewal. The Online Passport Renewal in India is applying for a new passport(Re-Issued Passport) but time taken to issue the Passport may be reduced as you were already issued a passport once.

In order to apply for renewal of passport online, you will have to fill up a new passport application form, take a print out and submit it in the nearest passport office along with the documents required. Generally, new passport will be issued for 10 years.

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Documents Required for Renewal of Passport

For renewal of passport the following documents may be required,

  • New passport Application Form.
  • Old Passport (if not able to submit old passport, should state reasons for it).
  • Address proof (If you have changed your Address).
  • Educational qualification certificates photocopy (If needed).
  • Date of Birth proof (If Needed).
  • Notary for tatkal (only for tatkal scheme).
  • An urgency letter for tatkal (only for tatkal scheme).

Police Verification 

Once you submit the application form for renewal of passport online, your application will be sent to the concerned police station for verification. A police constable may visit your house i.e., on the address specified in the application form. Once verification is done your application and the result is positive it is again sent to the passport office along with the verification certificate. You may also undergo LIU(Local Intelligence Unit) verification( If required).

Change of Name

It often happens with the women in India that they require change of name on their new passport after they get married, re-married or divorced. If anybody requires change of name in the new passport they must submit all the documents required for it. Usually, Annexure D(Joint Affidavit) or a marriage certificate is enough for name change of married women.

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If you have changed your name without any reason then you must submit an affidavit for it(Annexure E). To change your name in passport select the check box in the online application which says – click here if you have changed your name then also enter your previous name.

Fee and Mode of Payment

Prescribed Fee for online renewal of passport (36 pages) is Rs. 1500/-.
Prescribed Fee for online renewal of passport (60 pages) is Rs. 2000/-.
Additional Fee for online renewal of passport in Tatkal is Rs. 2000/-
Total Passport Fee can be paid either through Demand Draft in the name of passport officer concerned or in Cash.

Delivery of Passport

Passport may be delivered only to the applicant or dispatched by speed post to the address given in the application form.

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  1. Hi,

    I am planning for passport renewal which is due in 6 months, however, I am divorced in 2012 and will need to remove ex-husbands name from the passport. However, I want to continue using my post marriage surname since I lived with it for over 12 yrs now and all my documents and records of work and taxes, property and whole identity is only on my post marriage surname. Can I continue to use that ? I can submit an affidavit E stating that I will never use my before marriage surname anywhere else and that I will continue only using post marriage surname. Is that a problem? I really don’t want to change my name/surname since I have a child and I choose to be with the same identity. Please advise.

  2. Hi Madhu,

    There is no problem with using your name which is your name from last 12 years. While reissuing you can keep your spouse’s name as blank in the application form. Producing an affidavit for supporting the case will make your casr strong.

  3. HI,
    “Uploaded .zip file is not a valid e-Form. Please upload correct file”

  4. Hi Jignesh,

    You are doing it wrong !

    Step 1 : Download the e-Form by clicking on the “Download e-Form” link available on the Home Page.
    Step 2 : Fill the downloaded e-Form completely and click the Validate and Save button in it. This will generate an XML file.
    Step 3 : Upload the XML file (generated in Step 2) through the “Upload e-Form” link. Do not upload the PDF form as only XML file will be accepted by the system.

    Alternately, Read : https://amazingindiablog.in/upload-passport-application-xml-file/

    Hope this helps !

  5. Hi, Thanks a lot!! Its done.

  6. You’re Welcome Jignesh 🙂

  7. Hi Anirudh. I have applied for passport. And my police verification is creating a big problem for me. When cid officer called me at police station then i had given all the proofs like ration,election and aadhar. On my aadhar card house number is there of previous address where i was residing earlier and rest address is same.i have not mentioned any house no.on my passport form. I dont have any proof of current address and niether tenants agreement. This is creating problem for me. What should i do?

  8. My passport is valid till Sept 17, can I get it renewed in Dec 16 i.e. 10 months before expiry?

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