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Indian Railways to implement Israeli Technology for foolproof security

Indian Railways to implement Israeli Technology for foolproof security

CCTV surveillance is normal nowadays. Be it market, superstore, a shop or residential colony, you are being watched closely. Now onwards, the railways will be monitoring every nook and corner, to ensure your foolproof security.

Indian Railways is gearing itself to deploy a technology, which is in widespread use at Israel.

Central Railway’s Thane and Kalyan railway stations have already been chosen for the pilot project. The railways shall not only improve CCTV coverage but will also make effective crowd control measures.

The technology based on artificial intelligence will be employed for this system. Railway Board has also given a go-ahead to the project. Accordingly, the Central Railway is working towards implementing the technology.

Israel is using this technology at various public spaces and the feedback is positive, it is said. Under the project, the Central Railway will improvise the video footage to analyse of CCTV cameras, installed at all the platforms, entry and exit points, foot over bridges and other areas of railway stations.

The security system would get upgraded capabilities to capable of getting the railways the security alerts. They will be powered to identify a particular person by feeding his or her face into the system.

The system will easily display the date and the time of his/her precise presence at the railway station.

The technology will identify the frequency of a person of his or her use the railway station premises, be it in a day, week or month.

For crowd control measure, this system will empower the railways to set up the exact bearing capacity that a foot-over-bridge has. It will be made capable to transmit a warning signal if it crosses danger levels.

If the FOB is overcrowded, the anomaly can be identified by the prudent use of artificial intelligence. To disperse the unwanted crowd, the railway authorities can plan out the deployment of their contingent.

The railways is expected to implement this technology around August 2018 only. It has been a year when the unfortunate Elphinstone Road station stampede happened, obviously due to overcrowding and mismanagement.

The railways admit that the current security system stands nowhere before these features. Israel is a leader in developing the world’s best innovative safety measures. It also makes optimum use of security technologies which are equipped with artificial intelligence. An Israeli company specialises in this state of the art technology.

The company is expected to come up with a presentation on various features of security and safety system as well.

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