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Rajesh Kumar Sharma runs his Free School under the Delhi Metro Bridge for Under Privileged & Poor Children

The children are the future of the nation. This has been reiterated many a time but very few people have done something substantial for the same. There are many children that are deprived of even basic education forget about full schooling and college level studies. Many may say that those kids are unfortunate but it is actually unfortunate for the nation that such a big number of future population cannot be given the basic rights whatever the reasons behind it are.

Rajesh Kumar Sharma’s Free School for Under Privileged Children of Slums in Delhi 

Rajesh Kumar Sharma is one of those few people who have realized the importance of education and how important it is for each and every kid to be educated. This man who hails originally from the city of Aligarh in UP had to drop his college in the third year due to financial constraints. He now runs a general store at Shakarpur but this is not his only identity because the world knows him as a teacher that teaches poor students under a metro rail bridge.

Rajesh Kumar Sharma School
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Rajesh Kumar has taken up the responsibility of teaching the children whose parents cannot afford to send them to proper schools. He started this school back in 2007 when he first saw the children in that area just playing or working with their parents. He first had to struggle convincing the parents of these children. All the parents were either farmers or laborers for whom education of children was useless and instead they preferred them to work and earn some extra bucks.

Rajesh Kumar had to argue a lot before he could convince these parents to let their children study until he had two children in his school which started off under a metro bridge. Soon there were many children that were keen on studying and making their future bright.

Rajesh Kumar Sharma Free School
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In this school there is just a roof which is the metro bridge without any walls. The boundary of the metro bridge is painted with black paint to act as black board. The children sit on the mats on the ground and there are a few chairs for the teachers to sit and teach.

In the beginning only Rajesh Kumar was the teacher here but now there are many volunteers who come to teach children in this school. He not only teaches but also takes care of his shop which remains in the care of his brother from morning till 2 pm. Thereafter, he goes to his general store and works there till 10 pm in the night.

Rajesh Kumar Sharma Delhi Metro School
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Rajesh Kumar prepares the children of different ages so that they can get admission in a proper school. More than 60 students of this school have taken admission in the government schools. But, the way he teaches his students always brings his students back to him and many of them first attend his school every morning and then go for the school where they have taken admission.

Rajesh Kumar Sharma used to buy all the stationary and books by his own money initially but now he has been acknowledged for his work and many individuals and organizations have come out for helping him with books and stationary for the children.

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