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Jyothi Reddy – From Farm Labourer to Million Dollar US Company CEO !

When hard work and fate combine positively miracles can happen and the same happened with Jyothi Reddy. She used to be a farm labourer in the fields of a small district in Andhra Pradesh but now she is running a recruitment firm in Arizona, USA.

This is a very filmy story of a woman who manages to reach heights of success with sheer hard work and dedication even though she had a humble background.

Jyothi Reddy’s Journey from Farm Labourer to Million $ IT Firm’s CEO

Jyothi Reddy was born in a very poor family. Her father lost his job as a teacher and this led the family to have a pathetic life. The family had no resources and could not even afford to keep all their children. This is the reason why they had to give away their two daughters in the orphanage. Jyothi’s sister ran back to her parents while Jyothi continued to fight her own battle. She was just nine at that time but had a determination that could put any adult to shame.

Jyothi Reddy - Farm Labourer to US Company CEO
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Jyothi’s life was harsh and she had no one to go to and share her joy and sorrow. She had to live in the orphanage while her parents were still alive. This made her really sad but n no way it could crush her dreams. The dream of leading a better life than she was in. The dream of doing something big and substantial led her to the type of life she is in.

While being in the orphanage she studied in government school. She took up a vocational course and realized how important it was for a woman to have a good job. But soon she was married off to her cousin who was just 16 then. Thereafter she gave birth to two children and became a labourer in the fields of her father in law.

Jyothi Reddy - Labourer to CEO
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The journey of her being pathetic ends at the stage when she decided to became the Nehru Yuva Kendra volunteer. This led her becoming a teacher and later on this post was regularized to give her a good enough salary of 18,000 rupees.

During the time she was volunteering she would stitch petticoats at night and sell them for more money which she needed to raise her daughters. All this was not enough and she wanted to do much better than this.

Jyothi Reddy
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The major turning point came when one of her relatives visited from US. Jyothi applied for the Visa of US and there after working for some time at the gas stations and as a babysitter Jyothi Reddy decided to open a recruiting firm of her own. Her firm got a Gujarati boy placed in an IT firm and thereon there was no looking back for Jyothi.

Her firm is said to have an annual turnover of $5 million and this woman who was once just a labourer at a farm earning Rs. 5 a month is now the CEO of a firm in the world’s most powerful nation. She is an inspiration for those who blame situations for their misery.

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