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Name Change Procedure in Gazette of India

Name Change Procedure in Gazette of India (Gazette Notification) 

Name Change Procedure in India

 1. Affidavit of Change of Name : –

For the Name Change Procedure, first you need to visit a Notary in the District Court of your City. You should ask him to make an Affidavit for Name Change. This Affidavit should be on a stamp paper of Rs.10 or Rs. 20. The details you must mention in the Affidavit are your Previous Name, Current Name, Your Complete Address, Reason for Change of Name.

 Married Women should remember to write these details on Affidavit:

  • Current Name with Husband’s Name and Current Postal Address
  • Previous Name with Father’s Name and Father’s Postal Address
  • Date of Marriage 

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2. Newspaper Publication :

The 2nd Step in Name Change Procedure is to get your Change of Name published in 2 Local Leading Newspapers. Please remember to collect at least 10 copies of both Newspapers. These may also be helpful for any other documents in future.

The Newspaper Publication must include the following details :

  • Your Previous Name
  • Your Current Name (Changed Name)
  • Husband’s Name & Date of Marriage (In Case of Married Women)
  • Current Address
  • Date of Affidavit
  • Name of Notary

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Sample Newspaper Publication for Married Women :

 “ I, Karishma Tiwari married Amit Singh (on 02-03-2015) residing at D-318,La-Place,Hazratganj, Lucknow have changed my name to Karishma Singh vide Affidavit dated 15-02-2015 sworn before Notary Ajay Pratap Singh, Lucknow”

3. Publication of Change of Name in Gazette of India:

The last step is to get your Change of Name published in the Gazette of India. For This Procedure, you will need to send a few documents in an Envelope to the following address : Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi-54

The Documents which are to be enclosed in the envelope to be sent to the Controller of Publication are:-

  1. Request/Forwarding Letter : This letter shall describe about all the documents enclosed within the Envelope.
  2. Specimen for Change of Name (Hard Copy ) : Take a printout of the Name Change Specimen. It should have the signature of applicant and 2 witnesses.
  3. Original Affidavit : Affidavit for Change of Name.
  4. Original Advertisement : The Newspaper Publication in Original.
  5. Specimen for Change of Name (Soft Copy) : Copy the Specimen File(MS Word File) of Change of Name in a CD(Compact Disc).
  6. A Postal Order/Demand Draft of Rs.1000 Rs.1100 in the name of Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi-54. You will get 4 copies of Gazette Notification in this amount. Please note that the amount of Demand Draft will be increased from 31/03/2017. You can read the article mentioned at the bottom of this page to download the soft copy of the Gazette Notification.
  7. Two photographs duly attested by a Gazetted Officer pasted on a plain piece of paper with your New Name typed on it.
  8. A certificate duly signed by the applicant declaring that the contents of hard copy and soft copy are similar.
  9. An Undertaking duly signed by the applicant which shows his/her old and new name with complete details of father’s / husband’s name with full residential address declaring that the facts stated therein are true & correct to the best of his/her knowledge and belief. For individuals working with Central Government, they will be required to submit Deed for change of name in accordance with the Ministry of Home Affairs 0. M. No. 190016 / 1 / 87-Estt. dated 12/03/1987. In case of Indians who are living abroad, he / she will submit deed duly attested by the respective Indian Embassy / Indian High Commission, in original to this Department.
  10. Applicant should also submit a self attested Photo ID proof. Only the applications either submitted personally or sent by Post / Courier will be entertained.

Click on the Link for —> Specimen of Change of Name : Scroll down to the bottom of the Page to see the Specimen.

 Note : Remember that these documents should not be older than 1 Year and you must be over 18 Years of Age for this Procedure.

Name Change Procedure in India

This Publication in Gazette of India looks like the Picture on the Right can be used as a Supporting Document for Change of Name in almost all Major Indian Documents like :

  • Indian Passport
  • Pan Card
  • Election Card (Voter ID Card)
  • Bank Account
  • Ration Card

For Married Women applying for Passport :

You need to provide either ‘Annexure D’ i.e., Joint Affidavit or your ‘Marriage Certificate’ as a supporting document for the Change of Name in Indian Passport.

For Any Communication Via E-mail & Phone,

You can get in touch with Controller of Publication :

Email Address : [email protected]

Phone Number : (011) 23812527 23810150

You can download the soft copy of the Gazette Notification from egazette Website.

Check : How to Download Change of Name Gazette Notification Via eGazette Website ?

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Note : We are not legally qualified and this Name Change Procedure data is based on Personal Experience.

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  1. I already have passport and aadhar card with my new name. When I got the passport at that time affidavit and ads in two newspapers were suffice. Therefore, I do not have gazette copy of name change. Can you please tell me how can I get the gazette copy? I got my passport about 6 years back.

  2. You must write a mail to the controller of publication to get your gazette copy. However, you may use your Aadhaar Card as a name & address proof. Aadhaar Card is accepted as a name & address proof for any govt issued document.

  3. My brother name was sivaprakasan but wrongly typed as sivaprasad and registered in birth certificate.we were not aware of this wrong name mentioned in birth certificate. after knowing this registars of birth/death certificate refused to correct the name in BCerticate. and all his documents are in new name. so we applied for gazette and got it.my question is
    1.how to apply passport with this gazette?
    2.do we need to get corrected birth certificate by showing gazette? or will they give?
    help me….

  4. Hello, You don’t have to worry and in your case you dont need this gazette to get your new name in the Passport :

    As there is a minor change in your brother’s Name, You will need 4 Important Documents while Applying for a Fresh Passport :

    1. Address Proof (In New Name)
    2. Date of Birth Proof i.e., Birth Certificate (In Old Name Only)
    3. NON-ECR Proof i.e., High School Marksheet/School Leaving Certificate (In Old or New Name)
    4. Annexure ‘E’ on non-judicial stamp of minimum value (SPECIMEN AFFIDAVIT FOR CHANGE IN NAME/DEED POLL/SWORN AFFIDAVIT)

    If there had been a Major Change in your Brother’s Name, then you would also have to submit :

    Paper clipping of two leading daily newspapers in original

  5. I changed my name 3-4 years back. I gave advertisement in newspaper and submitted affidavit to Passport office. Based on passport in new name, I got name changed in driver’s license. Adhar card has been issued in new name.

    For change of name in my bank account, I have been asked for copy of Gazette which reflects name change.

    Do I need to follow process of name change to register name change in Gazette?

  6. Yes! This article mentions the complete process to publish your change of name on Gazette of India. However, some banks also accept an attested letter by a gazetted officer with your photograph on it. It got my wife’s name changed in Canara Bank by getting an attested letter from a Gazetted Officer.

  7. i hav made an affidavit of name change, now i want to know how to publish in newspaper and how to send documents to gazette office.
    i also do not know the address of gazette dept. of Uttar pradesh.
    please help me

  8. Hey, nice article. I have a query regarding the subject here. My current name is ‘Prabhat Kumar’ and my father’s name is ‘Dinesh Kumar Mishra’. He mistakenly registered my name from birth as my current name. Now, i want to change my name to ‘Prabhat Mishra’ or ‘Prabhat Kumar Mishra’. Is there any provision so that a person can have two names and can use both names (so, i could be known both as ‘Prabhat Kumar’ and ‘Prabhat Mishra’). If this is possible, then i don’t have to change my name in all the documents that i have.

    Please suggest if you have any better solution.

  9. Hi Akashdeep,

    You can get your ad published in a newspaper either by personally contacting the newspaper office or by booking your ad online. releasemyad.com and bookmyad.com are 2 popular websites where you can go ahead with publishing your Ad.
    Uttar Pradesh does not have a gazette department where you can change your name. You need to follow exactly the same procedure as mentioned in this article and post all your documents to Delhi office.

    I am also from Uttar Pradesh and I followed the same procedure for my wife. So, go ahead without any hesitation.

  10. Hello Prabhat,

    Legally one person can have only one name. You may be called by your nicknames or other aliases but you should stick to just one of your name and use it for future purposes.

  11. Thank you so much for your response. I am from Gurgaon. Do I need to approach gazette office in Haryana or Delhi?

  12. Hi Anirudh – I went through the steps and form provided in this article. I have further questions:
    1. Though, I am from Gurgaon, I am currently living in US. I noted that indians living abroad submit deed duly attested by Indian High Commision. so do I get letter and 2 photographs attested here?
    2. where do I give advertisements? In indian news papers?
    3. will name change get published in eGazette as well (publihsed by NIC)?
    4. how much time does this process take once documents are submitted?


  13. Hello Pawan ,

    You must check out if your state has such a department or not. In India some states do not have a Publishing Department for Gazette. People from the indian states where no such publication department is present can apply for change of name in Gazette of India by following the procedure in this article.

  14. Hello Pawan,

    I believe you will have to submit documents which are made and valid in India only. Advertisements should be given in 2 leading newspapers in the city where you reside. Name will be published in Official Gazette (Not in Digital Format). Complete Process takes time depending upon when will the next gazette be published. Normally you could expect it to be at your place in at least 2-3 Months time. If you are lucky enough, you could get it even before that.

  15. Hello sir! my name is Sahiba Kaur and my old name was Sahiba. I am planning to get my name changed by getting it published in the Gazette. My passport has been already been issued with the new name. I got to know that the I also require to submit photocopy of a photo id for publishing. Can the passport with the new name act as one?
    Also, I wanted to know if Gazette notification will be sufficient to show my name change qhile applying for any kind of visa?
    thank you

  16. Hello Sahiba,

    You would not need any ID proof for getting your name published in the Gazette. Just follow the procedure mentioned in this article. It is based on my personal experience, so do not worry about the authenticity. Gazette Notification is a legal proof of Change of Name in India and can be used as a supporting document anywhere.

  17. Thanks so much for your response and information. This is very useful.

  18. You are Welcome Pawan ! 🙂

  19. Application deposited on 6th August 2015.when i will get gazette of india regarding name change.by postal and by person.?

  20. Hello Sanjay,

    You may receive the Gazette Notification within 2-3 months time by Registered/Speed Post. After about 2 months time, You can contact Controller of Publication in case you want to know the current status of Gazette Publication

  21. Sir
    Can i get within 45days by contacing personal ly

  22. Hello Sanjay ,

    It depends upon when will the Gazette be published. Gazette Booklet has about 10-12 pages. So, in that about 250-300 Change of Names are published. So till they have about those 250-300 Change of Name applications they don’t publish the gazette. For example : If they Published a Gazette in August, then they wont print it very soon, they may print in October Probably. If they have published it in July, then probably they should publish it in September. This is just a probable situation. For further clarifications, You may consult the Controller of Publication Via E-mail or Phone Call.

  23. Hello Anirudh,

    The way u replying on peoples query its much appreciated.Great work actually….
    I also want to change my 2nd name(surname only) and i think i am already done with all my documents(like Passport,house registry,Bank loans, all education certificates,Job related document, etc) all having my old name only. So my question is if i go for it can it be a problem for future ? I am also nominee for my brother and father policies. Please let me if there is any single consequence in my case. Great thanks ….:)