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Sunitha Krishnan – The Gang Rape Survivor to Saviour

The life of the people who take up social cause is never easy because they tend to fight against the wrong doing of the society’s most powerful and affluent people. The same is the case with Sunitha Krishnan. She is a social activist who fights for the cause of the women who have been the victim of sex trafficking.

Sunitha Krishnan – The Brave Rape Survivor who became a Saviour

Ms Krishnan is a daughter of a surveyor and this gave an opportunity to travel all over the world to a girl who was born in Bangalore in the year 1972 . She was inclined towards social cause and worked for the welfare of different communities since early childhood but when she was gang raped by eight men at the age of 15 when she was involved in a neo literacy campaign for the socially deprived community that she became an ardent social activist. This actually gave an impetus to her to speak up against the atrocities that the women went through.

Sunitha Krisnan
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Sunitha Krishnan was sent to jail for two months for protesting against Miss World competition being held in Bangalore. And it is after this that her parents finally refused to align with her thoughts and actions. She then headed to Hyderabad where she worked with Catholic brother Vaghese Theckanath for the people of slum. There she protested against the demolition of the slum for the purpose of beautification.

In Hyderabad Ms. Krishnan started an NGO named Prajwala which was aimed at rehabilitating the women who became homeless after the red light area in Hyderabad was evacuated. For this social cause she had to even sell her jewellery, her utensils and other household items. But it is not the same today as Prajwala is a well known NGO now and gets funded by various organisations of the country. The main aim of the organisation is to prevent the trafficking of the second generation into prostitution and for this they run schools and awareness programs. There are 17 centers that are constantly helping the children of the women in sex business to come out of it and lead a respectable life outside.

Sunitha Krishnan Speech
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This organisation has more than 200 employees and Sunitha Krishnan is a volunteer at the organisation. She earns her living by writing books, giving speeches and holding seminars on sex related trafficking of women all over the world.

Her marriage to Mr. Rajesh Touchriver gave her an opportunity to spread the awareness through films and documentaries. He made films like Anamika that is the part of curriculum of the National Police Academy.

Ms. Krishnan is working with the governments of various states in India to eradicate sex trafficking of women and children. She is the advisor to the government of Kerala for its Nirbhaya policy for women and children. She is also the member of Andhra Pradesh State Women’s commission.

Sunitha Krishnan Prajwala
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In the United States she started a campaign called “Real Men Don’t buy Sex” which was a huge success and received applause from everyone.

She has written many books and made many documentaries to reach people through all the media and create awareness about the women’s plight.

Sunitha Krishnan was criticized and attacked several times but that did not deter her from the nobel work she is doing for the women that are being sold for pleasure and money.

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