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Sandeep Bacche’s Wonder Auto Rickshaw in Bandra, Mumbai!

The world has both positive and negative characters and invariably we face the negatives much more than the positive ones. But just like a coin has two faces it is true that positive people and positivity surrounds us everywhere. The existence of mankind is because of the balance which is being created by both these forces. Talking of positive people, they always give us in terms of materialistic things, emotional quotient, or may be social service. But when this giving becomes the way of life and it is done irrespective of the social strata, and is done as per the capacity of the individual it becomes – Generosity. That is why people call – Mr. Sandeep Bacche the man who is “Millionaire at Heart”.

Sandeep Bacche – The Humanitarian Auto Rickshaw Driver

Also known as “Munna Bhai SSD”, Sandeep Bacche lives in Bandra, Mumbai and is 38 years old. He is an auto rickshaw driver since the last fifteen years and is quite famous in media as well as the commuters here in Mumbai. He is been awarded by CNN-IBN for his services towards the needy. What makes this National Cadet Corps dropout so famous? There is a saying that what you give comes back to you. That is what has happened with Sandeep.

Sandeep Bachhe Auto Rickshaw
PC : www.dnaindia.com

He has been providing services, to the best possible way as per his capacity, to the customers who travel in his auto. The list is endless and we may start with very simple but unique one. His auto has a newspaper for the customer, but in addition, he also has a sheet of paper which gives the day’s rates of ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’, weather forecast, foreign exchange values and stock updates. Amazingly he also has kept an LCD in his auto for the customers to view and a ‘Pay Phone’. Next in the list are the mobile charger and the Wi-Fi connection to be used by the passenger. A ‘First-Aid’ box, a ‘Fire extinguisher’, ‘drinking water’ and even ‘hot coffee’ at just Rs.5/-.  He ensures that the customer gets full comfort and is well evident from the fact that his auto has ‘tissue papers’ and ‘ comfortable seats’.

Social Cause

Sandeep does not stop just here; he tenders his services to the society also by means of things which are kept in his auto. He has a “Donation box” where you can donate in exchange for a candy. The money will go to the cancer relief. He charges discounted rates for differently-abled, visually-challenged, and senior citizens. No charges for medical facilities. Just married couples are offered 10% discount.  In addition, he spreads a lot of social messages by means of ‘Hand-made’ cutouts, on saving girl child, stop pollution, eye donation and saving water.

Sandeep Bachhe Auto Driver
PC : www.dnaindia.com

To be a philanthropist you need not be educated, get spiritual lessons, or be rich your services are enough. The way you think, your point of view, your eagerness to serve the needy and challenged should be the only reason behind it. Sandeep Bacche is remarkable, amazing human being and he leaves a very strong message of “Positivity” and “Service to mankind” in every possible way, he can.

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