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Narayanan Krishnan – Chef Turned Social Worker who feeds Poor Daily

Being a chef, it was obvious for Mr.Narayanan Krishnan to have a good taste for versatile cuisines and their recipes. But who knew that he would turn from a chef into a social worker in 2003. Yes, you read absolutely right, a person who was living a popular life and contented with his job simply shifted his interest towards being a social worker by serving food to the underprivileged people in Madurai.

Naranayan Krishnan
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Narayanan Krishnan – Chef Turned Social Worker who feeds Poor Daily

Let us first know about the reason why Mr.Narayanan Krishnan quit his job for this social work.

The Reason behind the Sudden Change

Mr. Narayanan Krishnan won an award as a chef with the renowned Taj hotels in Bangalore city and later he was also shortlisted for the elite job profile related to the hotel industry in Switzerland.

Narayanan Krishnan Story
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But after he came through a distressing situation in 2002 in his hometown, it was then he decided to quit his job and invest his savings in developing a trust. He is feeding poor, homeless and mentally disabled people in Madurai, Tamil Nadu since then.


The Akshaya trust is a non-profit organisation founded by Mr Narayanan Krishnan in the year 2003. This is the exclusive trust in his hometown which helps the homeless people and gives them the delicious food items without charging anything. The food is served in breakfast, lunch and dinner time. More than 400 poor people, as well as elderly homeless civilians, are served by him in Madurai.

Narayanan Krishnan Achievements
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Moreover, he was honoured by the Tamil film industry by making a film upon his achievements and popular trust sustainability in Tamil Nadu called Ustad hotel.

What moved him so much ?

In an interview, Mr Krishnan said that he was visiting his hometown Madurai for a final bid to my family and relatives before the trip commencement to Europe. It was then, at the roadside he found a man in a horrible poor condition eating his own shit because he had nothing to eat. This made him feel so disgusted that he decided to feed that person till he was there in his hometown. Another incident which made him think about his step towards the social work was that when a mentally disabled person under the bridge of Madurai city was unable to walk and mourned because of the scarcity of food.

Narayanan Krishnan, Madurai
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This was a life changing moment and he decided to change his profession, quit his job and start a small hotel which was available only for the poor people who could not afford their meals. The 3-time meals were served to the people and he decided to raise funds from high-class people and formed a trust. Now there are 29 trusts in his name and getting popular day by day because of its immense credible services.

This is a message to the socially active people and for those who have sufficient income that they can at least support one person. Investing in the upliftment of the Indian civil condition is a blissful job which Mr Narayanan Krishnan is doing very well and we congratulate him for the remarkable job he has chosen.

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