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VN Parthiban – A 55 year Old Chennai professor who has 140+ Academic Degrees

Acquiring 2 or 3 degrees in life seems to be a big achievement and here in India Mr. VN Parthiban has proved everyone wrong by obtaining 145 degrees in lifetime. A big salute to the master of all degrees who has pursued so many renowned degrees that he should be chosen as an education minister of India. VN Parthiban, Chennai based professor has ascertained more than 140 degrees. In 30 years of span he qualified almost every popular degree by doing day and night struggle.

VN Parthiban Degrees
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VN Parthiban – A 55 year Old Chennai professor who has 140+ Academic Degrees

VN Parthiban’s Profile

  • He was born in 18th April, 1961 in Chennai located in Tamil Nadu, India. Currently he sustained the PhD in the faculty of commerce from university of madras, India, 2014
  • Most of his degrees are related to commerce sector and his main specializations are from the respective department.
  • Till date his total number of experience is 29
  • In current date, he is working as an associate professor of Commerce at Rama Krishna Mission Vivekananda College in Chennai, India.

Degrees obtained till 2014

PhD in commerce &Economics

  • B.A from madras university
  • FCMA
  • FCS
  • CPA
  • LLM
  • MS
  • CPA
  • CA (I)

In total he holds 8 ML degree (master of law degrees, 10 MA i.e.(master of Arts Degrees, 8 master of commerce degrees(M.com), 12 research degrees (MPhil), 3 master of science degrees(MSc), 9 master of business Administration degrees.

Since many years he is teaching as a professor and a lecturer in various hundred colleges that are located in different regions of the Chennai state.

VN Parthiban
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In an interview with the online journal, he exclaimed that “it was not difficult at all”. According to him he continuously devoted his heart in education and for preparing exams. It is his passion to know what different subjects has to offer a mankind. No lazy Sundays, no breaks, no vacations. His life was completely devoted for the education world and he barely diverted his mind set to any other field in life. His excitement and enjoyment was to achieve the degree in hand one after the other.

Prof VN Parthiban
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He also confirmed that, it was not at all a waste of time or a big sacrifice; he actually utilized his life in an excellent manner and has achieved a beautiful literate mind and heart. In an interview he told, that he was unable to pass the actuarial sciences because it involved majority of mathematics and it was not his cup of tea? Is it really?

Still, mathematics tried to defeat his spirits, but other versatile subjects could not stand high in front of his focused concentration power. Finally he has won many awards from his respective colleges, honoured in various orientation ceremonies and still getting a respect that people die to achieve. In order to know the complete details of the colleges and to come in contact with the most literate person on earth, you can visit his social network account.

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