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Arun Raikwar – India’s Magnet Man

Arun Raikwar, a 37 year old Indian man hailing from Madhya Pradesh, gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘attractive man’. With what he calls ‘super human powers’, this is how Arun Raikwar became India’s Magnet Man.

Arun Raikwar – The Magnet Man of India

As controversial as it sounds, Arun Raikwar discovered his unusual ‘super power’ a few months ago as he was working on some handy work in his home. Bizarrely, a nail stuck to his skin, as if being pulled towards his body by some magnetic force. Not knowing any better, Arun Raikwar boasts about his body emitting ‘special waves’ which allow him to become a human magnet, attracting steel spoons, nails, and other household cutlery all over his chest. Arun says that his magnetic powers are strongest around his chest, stomach and back.

Arun Raikwar - India's Magnet Man
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In a recent video graphic interview, Arun displayed his magical skills by sticking a bunch of spoons and nails all over his chest. This was captured by a camera as it showed Arun extremely proud of his ‘magical powers’. He has visited a doctor to make sure that there is nothing wrong with his body, or there is no real danger to him. However, when asked if he wanted to know the scientific reason behind his ‘magical powers’, Arun answered with a blatant ‘No’. According to him, the mystery and magic behind his super human powers make him feel special.

However, after a recent doctors visit, Arun came across some devastating news. Shailender Shukla looked keenly into Arun’s case, only to come to the conclusion that the magnetic field around Arun’s body has abnormally increased, thus showcasing his magical magnetic powers. This super power however, is not permanent, as his body will eventually restore back to its original magnetic field, making him an ordinary man once again.

Arun Raikwar - Magnet Man of India
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Arun feels extremely delighted whenever the locals request him to showcase his special magnetic powers. He feels like some sort of a celebrity, being India’s first Magnet man. However, he also admits that he is saddened by his own condition. Even though Arun’s wish is to one day enter the Guinness Book of World records for his unique talent, he parallelly wishes that his super powers go away with time. Even though he likes the temporary attention presently, he would not like to be a spectacle all his life.

A photographer by profession, Madhya Pradesh’s very own Arun Raikwar is now being photographed by media and interviewed about his super powers. He admits that the attention and feeling of uniqueness was good in the beginning, but now he is started to get annoyed by it. His only wish is to enter the Guinness Book of world records before his super powers inevitably vanish just as fast as they started. Arun day dreams about one day showing off his name and records in the Guinness Book to his grandchildren. Till then, we can only hope that Arun enjoys his fair share of attention as he continues to be India’s Magnet Man.

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