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Haresh Mehta’s Cardboard Furniture

You don’t need a very academic’s to be talented has been proved by a lot of people across the globe and over the years. What you need is to identify and nurture that talent. Talented people live everywhere, may be in your neighborhood, and may be within your own house. One such spectacularly talented, innovator, a fighter and a visionary lives in Mumbai and has proven that if you are strong headed and talent then sky is not the limit to showcase your flair. A college dropout this person not only has created a niche for himself but has given the society a unique way of living without damaging the nature. His name is – Haresh Mehta.

Paper Shaper – Haresh Mehta’s World of Corrugated Boards

Haresh Mehta’s family business of making cardboard boxes made him grasp the knowledge of cardboards and corrugated boards. But when the family members were busy making money out of the business Haresh was busy in innovating with the Card boards. He started designing different shapes and sizes of boxes and articles from then. He never bothered about what people used to say about him those days. He is a fighter, which is evident in the fact that he is a Cancer Survivor. He started making cardboard furniture and the very first furniture he made was a “Cardboard Sofa”.

Haresh Mehta Jayna Packaging
PC : www.printweek.in

To everyone’s surprise the sofa not only took the weight of people but was easy to assemble and dismantle. They found it light, durable and economical option as against wood and metallic furniture. The ability of the corrugated boards to fit into each other without the use of any nut or screw makes it more durable and easy to move. Today Haresh has made a lot of other furniture like – bed, chairs, table, rocking chairs, lamps and much more. A visit to his office will take everyone to surprise as there is not even a single item which is not made of cardboard, even his pin stand. The best part of this furniture is that they are eco-friendly. Being made of cardboards they are biodegradable and hence eco-friendly.

No Formal Education!

Haresh has not taken any formal education or certification in designing these corrugated board furniture, it’s all in his DNA. His R&D, printing and packaging is all done in his brain.

Haresh Mehta's Cardboard Furniture
PC : www.papershaper.co.in

His works are simple yet stylish and that’s why he has earned clients like – Unilever, Coca-Cola, Cadbury’s to name a few. Today he has more than 200 awards under his belt for his works in the field of packaging design and display solutions. Mr. Mehta has taken up the reins of convincing the local bodies for the Corrugated Board “Coffins”.  He is trying to convince the Church clerics and the municipal authorities for the green burials with these coffins which are eco-costly and eco- friendly also.

Haresh Mehta Cardboard
PC : www.papershaper.co.in

It is quite amazing to find a person who never bothered about becoming a business tycoon but utilize his talent and innovation for the betterment of the society and Mother Nature.

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