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Jagwinder Singh – India’s ‘Super Singh’, An Armless Cyclist and Arts Teacher

In today’s time when youngsters need motivation to even join a gym, Mr Jagwinder Singh, a gentleman born without arms is breaking the stereotypes by cycling 25 kilometres every day. It sounds strange but it’s true, Jagwinder Singh belongs to Patran a small village in the vicinity of the Patiala city of the Punjab state. The story of Jagwinder Singh is an inspiration for the mankind, he didn’t let any hindrance come in his way of achieving his dream, he’s working and practising hard every day to participate in the Paralympics. He did not let his disability to stop him from achieving his dreams.

Jagwinder Singh - A Paracyclist from Patran, Patiala
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Jagwinder Singh aka Super Singh – Inspiration for Many

Jagwinder Singh also known as the “Super Singh” is a sheer motivation for the many of the youngsters in the region. He recently had participated in the deemed Chandigarh State cycling competition tackling normal humans with no disability and the guy won an astounding Gold medal. Apart from his passion for cycling, Jagwinder Singh is an avid art lover and a teacher. His parents didn’t have enough money to buy him a bicycle, so the determined Jagwinder Singh decided to teach art to students. Despite the hitches of human life, he managed to save enough money for his bicycle and today Jagwinder Chiefs a very energetic routine and satisfy his thirst for adventure.

Coming Challenges

Jagwinder Singh - India's Super Singh
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The Super Singh dreams of bagging first position at the Asian Para Cycling Championship in 2017. He aims to glorify India on a global level, the inspiration factor for Jagwinder Singh was when he watched 2012 Paralympics and decided to not let his disability destroy himself. It was difficult for Jagwinder Singh to balance and ride normally in initial days but with the help and constant support of his friends and parents, today Jagwinder Singh rides his cycle pretty well than any normal person. Now the guy travels around 25 kilometres almost three times in a week. His family and friends are waiting eagerly for the Paralympics to see Jagwinder showcase his handwork and talent.

Don’t let disability shatter you

Jagwinder Singh is happy to become an inspiration for many, he believes that if he can do much while tackling disability then a normal person will surely learn something from his daily endeavours. Even now Jagwinder Singh uses his feet to paint, to cook food and even to work on his computer. The proud father of Jagwinder Singh also added that when Jagwinder joined the school, kids used to make fun of him and he also faced various other social difficulties but his son never lose his morale and burning desire to do something kept him going.

Jagwinder Singh - Armless Arts Teacher
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One should never get disheartened by his weak points, one must always strive to do the best work of his entire life every day. Jagwinder Singh’s favourite cyclist if Canadian champion Joseph Veloce, he wishes to win Gold medals in Paralympics just like him.

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