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Mamta Rawat – The Mountaineer who Rescued 500 People in Uttarakhand Floods even after Losing Everything !

Bravery is to keep other people’s interest ahead of your own and compassion is to feel the pain of others. When these two combine together they give rise to the people like Mamta Rawat.

Everyone is aware of the folds that hit the Garhwal region in June 2013. The torrential rains led to a huge flow of water that erased 64 villages from the face of the hilly region. The aftermath of the river was devastating and it hardly left anything. The houses of all were washed away including the house of 24 year girl named Mamta Rawat.

Mamta Rawat – A Brave Heart Mountaineer to a Flood Rescuer ! 

Mamta is a trained mountaineer from the reputed Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi. She was called upon for the mission of rescuing the people as well as searching them. This mission was specifically undertaken by the Institute of Mountaineering to save the lives of the people who were helpless and were in a need of help to get out of the dangerous places.

Mamta Rawat
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Mamta wasted no time and set out to perform her duty. She is a brave heart and carried on with the mission with an unending zeal and saved the lives of 500 people. She carried a middle aged woman on her back for more than 3 km in the difficult hilly terrain so that she could be evacuated with the help of the helicopter.

But while she was on her mission rescuing others and saving their lives her own house got washed away in the incessant rains and flood. However, this did not deter her from her duties and she continued to extend her help by bringing people to safe places and saved many lives.

Mamta is a school dropout and the only thing that she was good at like most of the people of the hills carrying heavy loads up and down the hilly terrain which the normal people of the plains find hard to do even with just their own body weight.

Mamta Rawat Uttarakhand Floods Rescuer
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This gave her an idea of joining the mountaineering institute. This was supposed to give her the means of earning bread and butter by becoming a mountaineering guide. She somehow managed to collect 5000 rupees and completed her course to become what she wanted to a mountaineering guide.

By securing sponsorships and by using her savings she also managed to complete the advanced course on Method of Instruction and Search and Rescue too. This gave her an opportunity to work as an instructor with NIM. She also works as a freelancer for INME. INME is an adventure sport organization that is based in Delhi and organizes adventure trips as well as training for the school children.

Mamta Rawat Uttarakhand
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This however does not give her a great earning opportunity and she just manages to cope up with her daily needs. Even though she showed undeterred bravery and compassion for the people who had lost all hope she is yet to receive compensation from the government for her own house. She lives with her family of six under a tin shade now and is waiting for the authorities to notice her plight. Such a brave girl should be given her due to encourage more such brave behaviors from our youth.

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