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Prem Singh – Indian Cook who can fry with bare hands

Prem Singh, an Indian cook who took ‘lending a helping hand’ a little too literally! This 65 year old fry cook from Karol Bagh, New Delhi, India, stuns and shocks local customers by showing superhuman powers.

This superhero is ordinary clothes is said to have an extreme tolerance for heat- withstanding up to 200 degree Celsius of hot, boiling oil! Prem Singh first discovered his superhuman abilities about 25 years ago, when he happened to dip his fingers into a vat of boiling hot oil. Not suffering any blisters or burns, he decided to try it again. This is when he discovered his superhuman powers.

Prem Singh - Indian Cook who can fry with bare hands
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Now, 25 years later, Prem Singh runs a local street food stall in New Delhi, performing his stunts for customers from all over the country. He serves over 150 kilograms of fried fish daily.

Prem Singh – A Delhi based Cook who fries fish with bare hands

Prem Singh does not use his hands for frying fish all the time, however, when a customer requests to see his superhuman abilities, he simply cannot refuse! Viewers are shocked as they watch the 65 year old fry cook dip his hands into a vat of boiling hot oil to fry his delicacies. Not only fish, Prem Singh’s dainty little road side stall in Karol Bagh also delivers other north Indian delicacies on the regular, such as seekh kebab, mutton tikka, tandoori aloo, paneer tikka, etc.

The Beginning

Prem Singh was first lured into this art of frying with bare hands when he would watch his father as a child doing the same. As a curious kid, he tried dipping one finger into the boiling hot oil. Surprisingly, he suffered no burns or blisters. Gaining more confidence slowly, he started dipping two fingers, and then three. Soon, he became a regular superhero, just like his father, using his bare hands to fry fish at his local stall.

Is he really a superhero, or is there some explanation to this?

As it turns out, Prem Singh’s supernatural abilities do have a scientific explanation. This is known as the Leiden frost effect. This theory states that it is possible to not suffer from any pain, burns or blisters when submerging ones hand in very hot liquids; if the individual first submerges his hand in cold water.

Prem Singh - Cook who can Fry with Bare Hands
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By doing so, the boiling hot liquid will only affect the cold water on the individuals hands, turning it to steam. This steam acts as a protective barrier, allowing the individual to not suffer from any injuries from the hot liquid. However, this effect lasts only for a short period of time and the individual must be swift in removing his hand from the hot liquid to avoid injuries or burns.

Prem Singh Delhi Cook
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We are not sure whether it is his delicious fish fries that make customers return to his stall, or whether it is his superhuman powers which lures customers back. What ever his trick is, Prem Singh has become a walking legend all over India due to his super powers. Customers from far and wide come to his humble stall simply to watch his powers in real life, making his India’s famous cook who can fry with his bare bands!

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