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Mann Kaur – 101 Year Old India’s Oldest female Athlete!

Do you plan a workout session for the next day, every evening and end up in your bed in the morning? Do you want to desperately shed those extra kilos, but become lazy when it comes to a fitness regime? Then it is time for you to turn your head to this 101 year old lady from India who will be your fitness inspiration for a lifetime.

Mann Kaur – India’s Oldest female Athlete

Meet, Mann Kaur, the 101 year old Indian athlete from the state of Punjab. She is the oldest female athlete who recently won a gold medal at the World Master Games held in Auckland. The vigor and enthusiasm that she radiates cannot be found easily, even in the young sportsmen of our times.

Mann Kaur’s Journey

At the point in life where people would look forward to a retired and sedentary life, 93-year old Mann Kaur made the crucial decision to set her foot into athletics. Now, Mann Kaur has made India proud with the nickname of “Miracle From Chandigarh”. This happened when she won a gold medal in a 100 m sprint race held at the World Masters Games, this year in Auckland, New Zealand. The record-breaking 74 seconds that she took to complete the sprint, were the most amazing seconds of her life, she says.

Mann Kaur - India's Oldest female Athlete
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Mann Kaur’s 79-year old son, Gurdev says that they had to train Mann vigorously, for past five months. She could complete a 100 m run in a minute during training. It was difficult for the 101-year old to immediately react to the gun shot at the start point, initially.

Mann’s Off-late Athletic Career

Mann Kaur made India proud as she bagged four gold medals in the World Masters Games in New Zealand, this year.

Mann Kaur’s Athletic Career
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Even after being the oldest competitors to participate in the games, Kaur competed in the javelin throw and 100 m and 200 m Shot-put throw events, as well.

Mann Kaur surprised the crowd at the final event held at the Trusts Stadium in Waitakere suburb of West Auckland. She took her gold medal count to four by throwing a javelin for 5m 12cm and set a new Guinness World Record.

Mann Kaur And The Skywalk

After showing her inspirational determination and courage on the field, Mann Kaur decided to do something different, again. She decided to do a 192-metre skywalk above a famous landmark in Auckland.

Mann Kaur And The Skywalk
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Mann attracted a lot of paparazzi as she held her son, Gurdev’s hand to tiptoe along the narrow-edged platform, towering as high as the sky, above Auckland’s city centre.

Mann added that everyone should come to the Sky City once, to try the skywalk.

Mann Kaur’s Secret To The Gold

After knowing about the mesmerizing story of the 101-year old woman athlete, Mann Kaur, you are forced to think about her mantra to stay fit. Mann says that she was restricted to a completely vegetarian diet, which included a fermented milk drink called “kefir” and flat bread made up of sprouted wheat.

Mann Kaur’s Secret To The Gold
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With a good amount of regular exercise and outdoor sprint practice every alternate day, Mann assumes that anyone can achieve big in life if the determination is in the right direction.

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