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India’s largest Tapasya Paratha from Rohtak, Haryana

India is known for its diversity in culture, tradition, people and also food. The north it south, from east to west the foods change with every mile and people relish food like anything. In all types of traditional Indian food, one thing is common – the Indian bread. In spite of this item being common, it has its peculiarity in its shape, size, taste, and texture. It also has a different name in different parts of the country like – Roti, Paratha, chapatti, dosa, pitey etc. But there is a unique Paratha in the state of Haryana which is not only different in its shape, size and taste but also has a reward on it. Strange, never heard about such thing, let’s find out.

Tapasya Paratha Junction, Rohtak

Situated at the Delhi-Rohtak Highway the local restaurant has its regular and visiting clients in huge numbers. This food junction is famous for its huge Paratha – 1.5 feet in diameter, which is the trademark of this place.

Tapasya Paratha Junction
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Customers with loyalty ranging from few months to five to six years visit to eat one of the fifty varieties of “Tapasya Paratha”. The owner Mr. Mukesh Ghelawat says that this special Paratha is made with a lot of skill and dedication and a lot of preparation goes into making it.

The Jumbo Paratha

The junction daily prepares around 150 such Paratha and it takes around 50 – 60 kgs of flour, 50-60 kgs of potato, 40- 50 kgs of Onion and 2-3 kgs of dry fruits per day. The Paratha is 18 inches in diameter and weighs around 1 kg that is almost equal to four to five regular sized Paratha.

Tapasya Paratha
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It’s not easy to prepare one as you need practice, especially when you prepare a stuffed one, if not managed properly the stuffing can come out. The “Tawa” on which it is prepared is huge, almost the size equal to five Tawas. There are five such “Tawa” in their Kitchen.

The Paratha eating Challenge

The challenge is anyone eating 3 such Paratha in 50 minutes gets a life insurance of Rs.1 lakh and free Paratha for a lifetime. Countless people have tried fighting the challenge but have failed either eating one or even half of the Paratha. It is so huge that you need a group of four to five adults to finish one. But surprisingly there are two winners of the challenge – Mr.Ashwini Kumar weighing 90 kg himself, who finished eating three such Paratha in 40 minutes and Mr. Maharaj, finished eating four Paratha in 50 minutes.  Few famous Parathas of this junction are – Aloo pyaaz ka Paratha, Aloo Gobhi pyaaz Paratha, Paneer Paratha, pyaaz paneer Paratha and Gobhi paneer Paratha.

Hindustan ka Sabse Bada - Tapasya Paratha
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The name fame and challenge can tempt anyone but the fun of visiting with your friends and then tasting one can be fun filled. Biggest Paratha in India needs to be visited at least once in your lifetime. This small food joint has definitely managed to attract people with its not so small Paratha.

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