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Bhasins – A Unique Aviator Family that has Clocked 100 Years of Flight

People who carry their family traditions, values and even business, is something which is common. But here there is a family of aviators who carried their names in the aviation from three generations. The Bhasin’s who proudly introduce themselves as a family who carried working in the aviation from three generations. The whole Bhasin family worked and still working in the aviation business as aviators. The Bhasin’s are one of the unique Indian family who clocked 100 years of flight in their overall journey.

Bhasins - A Unique Aviator Family that has Clocked 100 Years of Flight
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Bhasins – A Unique Aviator Family

The Bhasin’s family has delivered their work in the aviation from their grand father’s time. The Bhasin family is basically from Delhi, India. The Bhasin’s started their journey of 100 years in aviations from their grandfather. And from there the family of two parents and two children continued the legacy of their grand father’s proud possession.

Jai Dev Bhasin

Captain. Jai Dev Bhasin is a sole person who started his career in the aviation. And from there he has become one of the first pilot commanders of the country in 1974 among seven of them. The Bhasin family, especially Captain. Jai Dev Bhasin delivered his impeccable service to the country with pride and honor. And from there the Bhasin family started their amazing journey in the aviation.

Rohit Bhasin

Rohit Bhasin
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This Bhasin family majored their services in the aviation. And also delivered their true passion and respect for the country. Captain. Rohit Bhasin is the second in the chain who followed the footsteps of his father. Captain. Jai Dev Bhasin was a proud father and an aviator, when he saw his son pursuing the same career. And also excelling in his position as a second aviator in the Bhasin family.

Nivedita Jain Bhasin

Nivedita Jain Bhasin
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A proud wife and daughter-in-law, who completely followed her father-in-laws pathway. And who proved to be one of the third youngest woman captain of the jet plane. Captain. Nivedita Jain is a mother of two talented children, who pursued their career sin the same field as their parents. Captain Nivedita Jain is a first woman commander who received a charge of Boeing 737 jet plane for the first among the three in the Indian history.

Commander Rohan Bhasin

Commander Rohan Bhasin is a proud son of Captain Rohit and Nivedita Bhasin. He grew up in the family where all he saw was his parents dressing as pilots and delivering their incredible work. Commander Rohan Bhasin decided his career as an aviator in his early childhood days. And now he has become one of the aviators in the family to continue the legacy.

Commander Niharika Bhasin

Being the youngest one in the family, the commander Niharika Bhasin looked up her parents and brother for inspiration. Like her brother Rohan, she always pursued her love for planes in the field of aviation. She grew up looking at her mother getting ready as a captain pilot each day. Her mother made her an excellent person and a pilot that she is right now.

These 100 years of glory as aviators brought all sought of honor in the Bhasin family. Hope this tradition continues in their family and even crossed generations of aviators in the same field.

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