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Mukesh Thapa – The Man Who Paints With a Single Strand of Hair!

You must have heard of people who can write simultaneously with both hands or about those who can make beautiful portraits using sand. The world is full of people with immense talent, which sometimes challenges the way, nature works. But, a very few of these talents, get recognition. One such record breaking talent lies in the magical hands of Mukesh Thapa from the heavenly state of Himachal Pradesh, India.

Mukesh Thapa - The Man Who Paints With a Single Strand of Hair!
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Mukesh Thapa’s Single Hair Story

Mukesh Thapa, a Dharamsala-based painter, was born on the 29th of March, 1979 in Himachal Pradesh. The aw-striking flair that this man dons, is that he makes mesmerizing and realistic paintings using just a single hair that he pulls out from his beard. The artist has, ever since, exhibited his knack at a lot of personal, national and international exhibits. The main attraction in these exhibits has been Mukesh’s self-portrait, that he painted using a brush he made out of his beard hair. The beautiful strokes, a single hair can make, is surely a rare talent and can only be seen in Mukesh Thapa’s over 600 wonderful paintings.

Mukesh Thapa’s Popularity

India is blessed to have people with some of the most unique talents. Many artists get a chance to display their capabilities at the right time. But, there are many others who do not get proper recognition and fade away with time.

Luckily, for Mukesh Thapa and his single hair strand paintings, the journey to fame has been beautiful and smooth. With the exposure that they have got from around the world, Mukesh has registered his masterpieces in the Limca Book of Records.

Mukesh Thapa Paintings
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It is astonishing to know that, Thapa did not get trained in the art of painting. Yet, his passion can be clearly seen through the outstanding paintings he paints only by using a single human hair. Though, the talent Mukesh had, could be seen in many other areas in which he has also won a lot of awards but, he never felt as passionate about any other hobby, the way he felt for this unique form of painting.

Mukesh Thapa’s Single Hair Masterpieces

We all know about a lot of famous painters like Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso, who have given the world, their gift of art, which lies intact through centuries in some of the largest museums in the world. All such great paintings take a lot of patience and time to be made perfect according to the artist’s imagination. A realistic portrait comes out to be a more difficult task as the painter needs to show the exact emotions and expressions, that he has either physically seen or imagined.

Mukesh Thapa Art
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Mukesh Thapa’s work of art spreads on the canvas with beautiful colors, only with the use of a single small hair strand. And this takes the difficulty level to the rise. Mukesh says that his paintings need a lot of patience and observation, peaceful environment and a clear mind. He adds that a single painting may even take upto six months till final finishing. Mukesh, has also recently, won the Bold Brush Award, which was an online competition.

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